The Art of Plastics Extrusion

Screws, Dies, Distributors and Calibration Stations

EXTRUDEX designs and manufactures extruder screws and barrels in standard and custom designs which set highest standards in thermoplastics processing. All EXTRUDEX products carry CE marking certifying full compliance with corresponding EU standards.


  • The product portfolio offered includes a broad spectrum of screw types and designs
  • in diameters from 10 mm to over 150 mm and
  • lengths up to 4500 mm.
  • Advanced coatings with hardness up to 68–71 HRC (Rockwell "C" hardness) permit processing of even difficult-to-plastify resins.

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Disc and collar calibrators, block calibrators and specialty products such as iris-aperture calibrators for medical microtubing.

  • Brass and stainless steel calibrators for pipes in O.D. range 16 - 160 mm
  • Disc calibrators for pipes in O.D. range 6 - 25 mm
  • Brass sleeve calibrators with intensive inlet cooling
  • 2-part block calibrators for tubing with O.D. < 5 mm
  • Iris diaphragm calibrators for medical microtubing
  • PlexiglasTM pre-chambers for calibration before vacuum-tank spray cooling.

Dies and mandrels for monolayer pipe die heads

Spider / torpedo distributor with pipe mandrel