Downstream Equipment

EXTRUDEX develops and manufactures downstream equipment satisfying customers' needs for optimum extrusion lines.

Offering custom-designed systems to satisfy customer, product and quality requirements, EXTRUDEX supplies personalized solutions which provide convincing advantages in even the toughest applications. Customers benefit from our ongoing development and continuous upgrading of existing technologies.

All EXTRUDEX downstream equipment carries CE marking certifying full compliance with corresponding EU standards.


The EXTRUDEX product spectrum includes:

EXTRUDEX downstream equipment offers users big advantages:

  • Wide selection
  • Simple, user-friendly operation
  • Exact compliance with product-specific manufacturing requirements
  • Attractive economics
  • High-quality materials of construction, and long service life
  • Cooling equipment
    Product-specific cooling baths, spray cooling baths, vacuum calibration baths and calibration tables for cooling of thermoplastic tubing, pipes and profiled parts.

  • Haul-offs
    Belt and caterpillar haul-offs for continuous take-off of tubing, pipes, profiled parts and welding rods.

  • Segmenting stations
    Segmenting stations and combined haul-off/segmenting stations perfectly matched to the production requirements at hand.

  • Take-off stations
    With product-specific design for optimum take-off performance in your manufacturing process.