More than Just a Promise


Even after the purchase and installation of your extruder or extrusion line, you can count on us. We regard after-sales service as a matter of course, offering customers in-plant operator training, expert maintenance support and spare part supply with year-in and year-out availability. The service package provided paves the way for long useful life and minimum downtime with EXTRUDEX machines.

The services offered include:

  • Analysis of overall system configuration and components
  • Single-source planning and design of turn-key extrusion lines
  • Repairs, retrofitting and overhauls in your plant
  • Installation and commissioning in your plant
  • Training of your operating personnel
  • Maintenance and remote diagnostics by our certified service technicians
  • Worldwide spare parts service

EXTRUDEX Maintenance Packages

Two integrated maintenance packages are available to maximize uptime and prolong service life of EXTRUDEX machines and systems: the basic package and the advanced package which incorporates wide-ranging additional PM tasks. Both specify maintenance work at predefined times and/or operating-hour intervals. The packages provide for regular maintenance of all important components, resulting in highest performance and extremely long useful life of your equipment. In certain manufacturing sectors maintenance must be carried out according to a fixed timetable, i.e. during scheduled machine shutdowns. Equipped with specialized tools and advanced instruments, our technicians maintain and service your EXTRUDEX machines and systems to keep them up and running in long-term use. Whether carried out at specified time intervals or operating-hour intervals, systematic maintenance is essential for smooth operation and long service life.

The EXTRUDEX service team offers telephone support in all technical matters and in the event of production stoppages.

We will be happy to offer you a maintenance package tailor-made in exact accordance with your requirements and equipment.

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