EXTRUDEX Calibration Stations & Distributors

EXTRUDEX designs and manufactures disc and sleeve calibrators as well as PlexiglasTM pre-chambers for calibration before spray cooling.

All EXTRUDEX calibrators carry CE marking certifying full compliance with corresponding EU standards.

  • Brass and stainless steel calibrators
    for pipes in O.D. range 16 - 160 mm
  • Disc calibrators
    for pipes in O.D. range 6 - 25 mm
  • Brass sleeve calibrators
    with intensive inlet cooling
  • 2-part block calibrators
    for tubing with O.D. < 5 mm
  • Iris-diaphragm calibrators
    for medical micro-tubing
  • PlexiglasTM pre-chamber
    immersion bath for calibration before spray cooling in vacuum tank

EXTRUDEX Distributors for Optimum Melt Flow Control

Our portfolio includes:
  • Double distributors with melt flow control valves regulating infeed of two pipe layers from one extruder
  • Spider (torpedo) distributors for flexible PVC, PUR and polyamides
  • Spiral mandrel distributors for polyolefins and fluoropolymers
  • Heated tubes for flexible infeed connections between tooling and extruder for hot melts, colour stripe application on pipes, etc.
Dies and mandrels
Spider or torpedo distributors
Spiral mandrel distributors