Extrusion Tooling to Highest Standards

In the year 2000, EXTRUDEX changed course from previous practice and began in-house design and development of pipe and tube extrusion tooling. The decision was driven by shortcomings of existing technologies in meeting EXTRUDEX’s requirements for quality, versatility and performance.

Our product spectrum includes:

Utilizing more than 30 years of practical experience in extrusion, EXTRUDEX's expert and highly motivated design and development team has created a wide range of service-proven mono- and multilayer die heads. Their design was carried out in close cooperation with technical institutes, raw material manufacturers and customers.

Our latest development: VARIOSYSTEM multilayer die heads with interchangeable rotary distributors. This technology permits realization of almost all common layer combinations with a single die head.

Monolayer Pipe Heads
for monolithic pipe manufacturing
Monolayer Crosshead Dies and Sheathing Heads
for jacketing of pipes, tubes, wire and cables
Multilayer-Pipe Die Heads
for nearly all thermoplastic resins, with VARIOSYSTEM for flexible layer configuration
Multilayer Crosshead Sheathing Heads
for multilayer jacketing of pipes, tubes, wire and cables, with VARIOSYSTEM for flexible layer configuration
Multilumen die Heads
for manufacturing of multi-channel tubing
Special Applications
for product-specific requirements
disc and sleeve calibrators and PlexiglasTM pre-chambers for calibration before spray cooling.
for optimum melt flow control
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Application Fields

EXTRUDEX die heads are used to extrude a broad variety of products:
  • PP-R & HDPE monolayer pipes with outer diameters up to 160 mm
  • Multilayer pipes with up to 6 layers for plumbing systems in O.D. range 16 - 110 mm
  • Mono and multilayer fuel line piping for automotive applications
  • LDPE-film coated PE foam tubing
  • Plastic-coated steel pipes, e.g. garden posts
  • Microtubing for cardiac catheters, mono- to 3-layer versions with O.D.'s up to 0.55 mm
  • Underfloor and wall heating pipes, mono- to 5-layer designs, in O.D. range 8 - 32 mm

We will be happy to provide more information on request.