EXTRUDEX Belt and Caterpillar Haul-Offs

EXTRUDEX offers a broad range of in-house developed belt and caterpillar haul-off units. Their user-friendly operation, constant-speed synchonized drive and long service life make them the optimum solution for continuous take-off of pipes and profiled parts.

All EXTRUDEX haul-offs carry CE marking certifying full compliance with corresponding EU standards.

BA030 / BA050 / BA100 Belt Haul-Off for continuous take-off of pipes and tubing, suitable for nearly all thermoplastic resins
  • For constant-speed removal of thin-wall extruded pipe
  • All units mounted on base frame
  • Vertically guided belt carriers
  • Mechanical or pneumatic contact pressure control for haul-off
  • Manual adjustment capability for stroke, height and guide elements
  • AC servomotor drive with planetary gearing
  • Safety doors with transparent panes and safety shutdown function, Performance Level d
BA030/4, BA030/8 4-Lane/8-Lane Belt Haul-Off for simultaneous take-off of 4 or 8 welding rod strands
  • 4 or 8-lane belt haul-offs
  • For take-off of multistrand output, e.g. PP or PE welding rods
  • Manual adjustment of belt clearance
  • Locked covering hood with transparent panes and safeguard enclosure
  • Swivel-mounted operator control console
RA160/2 EP Caterpillar Haul-Off for continuous take-off of large pipes and profiled parts

BA030 / BA050 / BA100 belt haul-off


BA030/4, BA030/8 4-lane/8-lane belt haul-off


RA160/2 EP Caterpillar haul-off