single-screw extruders

with grooved intake zone, axially or helically grooved barrel and barrier screw with shearing and mixing sections.


HELIBAR® extruders provide substantial process advantages over smooth-barrel extruders including:
  • Higher specific throughput
  • Improved melt pressure build-up
  • Lower melt temperature for most resins
  • Improved melt homogeneity
  • Problem-free processing of wall-slipping resins
  • Reduced wear
  • Short residence time
  • Higher overall operating efficiency and therefore improved economics

The name HELIBAR® is a registered trademark owned by EXTRUDEX Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH. HELIBAR® is a patented technology.


HELIBAR® single-screw extruders standard design

HELIBAR® extruders are available in standard designs with screw diameters between 25 and 150 mm and screw lengths of 25 L/D, 30 L/D and 36 L/D.

HELIBAR® Extruders carry CE marking certifying full compliance with corresponding EU standards.