The Art of Plastics Extrusion



Extrusion line of medical tubes made of FEP, PFA and PVDF/and other.

This short film presents an Extrudex extrusion line designed for the production of medical tubes made of FEP, PFA and PVDF/and others with wallthicknesses of 0,15–0,75 mm and Outer Diameters up to 8 mm.

  • For all products critical diameter tolerances of +/-0,025 mm are achievable.
  • Extrudex extruder, type EN020-25D with grooved feeding zone with layout for a wide spectrum of different raw-materials with output from 2-7 kg/h and a maximum linespeed up to 100 m/min.
  • installed Vacuum-calibration bath with EVS (electronic vacuum system) controls Outer Diameter by using a frequency controlled vacuum-pump with venturi-system.
  • For best possible performance VB 300 is driven by digital data from Wallthickness and Diameter Measuring system integrated into line control.
  • This setup allows best in class quality production of medical tubings.

E.g.for FEP processing following process data can be realized:

Product-OD: 1,80mm +/-0,03 mm
Wallthickness: 0,30mm +/-0,01 mm
CpK: 1,67
Linespeed: 15-25 m/min


Extrusion line designed for the extrusion of tubes made of PUR; TPU; TPE.

The movie shows an Extrudex extrusion line designed for the extrusion of tubes made of PUR; TPU; TPE.

  • This protective hoses are required in the automotive industry with a wall thickness of 0.3-0.8 mm and outer diameters up to 32mm
  • The combination of an EG060-30D smooth tube extruder and a melt pump ensures an optimal mass discharge with a deviation of less than +/-1% of the setpoint.
  • The line is adaptable to a wide variety of plastics with a maximum throughput of 80-100 kg/h at a line speed of up to 80m/min.
  • The vacuum-calibration bath, type VB 300 with EVS, regulates digitally the vacuum to maintain the outer diameter in the required tolerances.
  • The vacuum-calibration bath with EVS grants a very high product quality by using a frequency-controlled vacuum pump and the Venturi system to the set point.


The following series of pictures shows our packaging and loading of our machines.

We proudly informe about our delivirey of 4 x Helibar ® HB 080-36 D and 4 x Helibar® HB 110-36 D extrusion units destinated to one of our important customers in North America. This machines are designed for the extrusion of 550 kg/h HDPE (HB 080-36 D) up to 1.000 kg/h HDPE (HB 110-36 D).

The reasons why our customer decided to take our patented Helibar® solutions are:

  • Significant lower energy-consumption with savings up to 35 % less kW/h/kg material compared to standard
  • Smaller screw & barrel sizes for same throughput compared to standard
  • Lower processing temperatures compared to standard
  • Fast change of colors
  • Worldwide technical support by Extrudex
  • Wide spectrum of different thermoplastic materials like HDPE, LDPE, PP, PC, PA, PET, PMMA, PS… can be processed on Helibar®

Haul-off and cutting unit BC034 and tilting table AT300 in medical execution

Those pictures show our haul-off and cutting unit BC034 and tilting table AT300 in medical execution. Both machines are designed for one of our famous German costumer producing medical devices. Both of them are made of stainless steel and meet the requirements of clean room production.
The BC034 is designed for haul-off and cutting of tubes made of different thermoplastic materials with OD from 0.5 mm up to 12.00 mm and is also suitable for soft tubes.

30th anniversary we could celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mr. Thomas Veiel.

Mr. Veiel joined our production on February 01, 1993 as mechanic. Since the beginning he convinced his superiors and colleagues by his reliability and exemplary work performance. In April 1998, Mr. Veiel passed the examination for master craftsman in precision mechanics with distinction. Today, Mr. Veiel is responsible for manufacturing and is the trainer of the industrial apprentices at Extrudex. We are looking forward to mastering the upcoming challenges together with Mr. Veiel and wish him continued happiness and good health.



New Ecodesign

Here you will find some upcoming changes in the context of the new Ecodesign Directive. The Ecodesign Directive- also known as ErP Directive, prescribes new minimum efficiency levels for electric motors and reduces the existing exceptions.

Machinery with electric motors sold within Europe, have to fulfill from the 1st of July the higher requirements to the energy efficiency. In the context of this directive, a number of questions have been put to us, which are answered by way of example in the following part:

Which electric motors are meant exactly?

Induction motors without carbon brushes, commutators, grinding rings or electric rotor connections, designed for a operation at a sinusoidal tension and

  • Exhibit two, four, six or eight poles;
  • Have a rated frequency of 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 50/60 Hz;
  • Have a rated tension of more than 50 V and up to 1.000 V;
  • Have a rated output power of 0,12 kW up to and including 1.000 kW;
  • Are designed for continuous operation and are intended directly for operations on the public electricity grid.

What are the main changes to the previous scope of the ecodesign directive?

Meanwhile spare parts are excluded with the new Ecodesign Directive, some significant exceptions will be removed with taking into effect on 1st of July 2021:

  • In future, electric motors with brakes will be included in the scope.
  • Also electric motors which are operated at the inverter will be affected in the future from the Ecodesign Directive. This does not apply if the electric motor.
  • Can only be operated on the inverter or if it is not in continuous operation.
  • In future, electric motors which are not operated in continuous operation will only be covered by the exceptions if they are designed for operating modes S3 or S6 with less than 80% duty cycle.
  • Additionally, for the first time, electric motors with a rated output below 0,75 kW are also affected by the Ecodesign Directive and must meet minimum efficiency levels according to IE2.

How are spare parts affected by the Ecodesign Directive?

Non-compliant electric motors are allowed until 1st of July 2029 as a replacement for such engines which have been integrated into a machine until 1st of July 2022 and placed on the market. The intended use must be clearly indicated.

Please note:

  • All extruders and extrusion lines currently offered by EXTRUDEX Kunststoffmaschinen are equipped with IE3 (or similar) motors, in accordance with the  directive valid from 1st of July 2021.
  • Motors according to IE2 (or similar) will only be installed at the explicit request of the customer and can be delivered until 30.06.2021.
  • For existing machines with IE2 (or similar) motors, spare motors can be ordered at any time until June 2029.




EXTRUDEX develops and produces the world's first sheathing line for copper-lamella-based power rails.



Trailblazing Innovation

EXTRUDEX develops and manufactures the world's first multilayer extrusion line for production of 3 to 6 layer tubing with an overall wall thickness of only 0.275 mm.



EXTRUDEX celebrates its 30th anniversary.



Generation change at EXTRUDEX

Following 30 years of success under the leadership of Mr Helmut Wahl, the company made careful preparations for a change in management which took place in February 2015. Mr Christoph Scabell, Mr Wahl's successor who will continue the EXTRUDEX success story with the same entrepreneurial spirit, took over the helm at that time.