The Art of Plastics Extrusion

EXTRUDEX Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH –

A name that stands for innovative solutions in extrusion technologies


EXTRUDEX GmbH is an independent and highly innovative manufacturer of single-screw extruders and turnkey extrusion lines for thermoplastics processing.

The equipment range offered by EXTRUDEX covers all extrusion line components including extruders, tooling, downstream equipment as well as custom designed turn-key lines for a wide variety of industrial sectors.

Our machinery and systems manufacture advanced products used in medical technologies, utilities supply, plumbing installations and automotive components. Other applications include pelletizing lines and sheathing systems.

All EXTRUDEX machines and equipment carry CE marking certifying full compliance with corresponding EU standards.


Cutting-edge technology
Extrusion Lines for Manufacturing of Precision Bristle and Precision Monofilaments.For extruded bristles used in a wide range of products such as household brushes, tooth brushes and technical brushes. Capable of extruding resin-specific custom products.
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Trailblazing innovation
The world's first coextrusion line for manufacturing 3 to 6 layer catheter tubing with an overall wall thickness of 0.275 mm
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Extrudex Variosystem
Multilayer die heads with interchangeable rotary distributor for maximum process flexibility
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Core expertise

Wherever highest reliability, long service life and precise dimensions are required in manufactured products, that's a job for EXTRUDEX machines.

  • Medical technologies

    Single-lumen and multi-lumen tubing for minimally invasive medical instruments, catheters and probes as well as high-precision tubing with minimal tolerances.

  • Automotive

    Monolayer polyamide fuel lines and multilayer fuel lines made e.g. from PA / PVDF / PA or PA / EVOH / PA

  • Pre manufacturing

    Monolayer, multilayer and corrugated pipe

  • Special applications

    EXTRUDEX designs and develops optimized extrusion tooling for applications of many different types.

Whether the manufacturing job at hand involves high-precision medical tubing, monolayer, multilayer or corrugated pipe, cable sheathing or automotive components, EXTRUDEX meets highest requirements for quality, reliability and strict dimensional tolerances.

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